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Early concepts for Naked

This idea has been popping into my head over the past few days, so I started sketching out some concepts. In Naked (working title, but I like it), you will play a member of the cave dweller race. The game will be set in a fantasy world which you can explore at your leisure. Make your way out of the caves to the villages, gather and craft materials and shelter, make allies and foes, survive with hack and slash style fighting and your wits.

digital painting landscape.jpg

THE LOOK: I'm currently thinking the characters in the game will be cartoonish and the world will be painterly with a top down, 2.5D perspective. The various characters you can play will be, you guessed it, naked, which you can use to your advantage, or fault, in the game. I'm also choosing to pixelate the naughty parts, because I think it will be funny. All of this is subject to change as the game develops, I mean, the idea is only a few days old at the moment, the spitball phase of my creative process.

THE TOOLS: The game will be made using Unity and the art will be made using variations of Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator.

THE GAMEPLAY: The game will be a roguelike and when you die in the game, you start over by spawning at one of the many starting points in the game. All of the items and interactions in the game will be randomized with each play through. All of the experience points accumulated in the game remain and allow the player to unlock new characters and level up abilities. The more you level up, presumably, the longer you can last in the game.

I want to have five or more environments you can explore, some you must find ways into; i.e., pits, caves, etc. The world will be populated by many creatures, some violent, some helpful. If you find a village, you can find allies and foes, run quests, or just waggle your nude body at them. (This could have benificial or devasting effects. Each AI villager will have favorable, neutral, or an unfavorable indicator. Your waggling will affect the villager's perception of you, so use it wisely.) The world will, hopefully, be a very large randomized sandbox environment that can offer near endless gameplay.

I will post more as I continue this project. Please follow me on twitter for updates and I would love to hear from you.

Keep it strange,


naked front flat.png

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