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Vicky coming to Steam, Naked on the backburner, and LUXIS nearing pre-Alpha

VICKY has been greenlit by the Steam community and will make her debut on October 1st.

This was a shock to me as this is my first game and I wasn't expecting it to make it to Steam. The pessimist in me still doesn't expect much when it is released, even though I still think it is a fun little game and I'm very proud of it. Only time will determine her fate.

Her Steam release will feature 9 new Steam achievements, and updated audio system. The game will be 15% off for the first week of release. Happy gaming!

NAKED is still in the works, but it is currently on the backburner. I want this game to be big and I am still working on the art style I want. I am considering a stop motion animated adventure game, but this will take time and money and I don't want to rush this project.

Since Naked will need more time, I'm writing the game story and working on the elements, I also started working on a little puzzle game LUXIS.

LUXIS is a sci-fi puzzle game in which you play an Artificially Intelligent being (a glowing orb) and must complete a series of mazes and puzzles for your intelligence training.

I'm trying to incorporate action based gameplay, exploration, and problem solving into the game. It is expected to be released for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. A blog about the development, and pre-alpha release is coming soon.

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