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LUXIS is being finished and optimized for iOS

I have been hacking away at LUXIS for some time now and this year has been fraught with setbacks, the death of a family member, constant audio issues, and most recently I lost my job. However, I am pleased to say that the game is back on track and I am gearing up for a release on iOS devices.

The game runs splendidly on new devices with some hiccups on old devices. Hopefully these issues on old devices will be resolved, but I am optimizing the game for the newer devices.


LUXIS is labyrinth/action/puzzle game featuring 40 primary levels and unlockable minigames and time trials. Each set of levels is broken into 10 mazes the player must solve to move on to the next one. The first 10 levels basically teach the player how to interact with the game, and difficulty in puzzles and danger the player faces grows as the game progresses.

The mechanics of the game are simple, touch/mouse click to push the glowing orb LUXIS around the map, match colors to move through corresponding walls, and find and shut down energy generators to open up the map to new areas. The game is meant to challenge the player's memory, and encourage exploration of the maps. Throughout the game, the player will find pick ups (glitches) which can be collected and spent to unlock minigames and other time trials.

Each level of the game has it's own medal award system based on how quickly the player can complete the labyrinth. Some levels have more than one path the player can take (the more dangerous paths lead to more "glitches").


LUXIS is a dark game, only the light from the player illuminates the map, with some map features emitting light. The look of the game is a call back to early video games but with the slick high definition look of modern games.

The sound/music in the game is composed in the same way. 80's synth sounds put into a modern sci-fi style which, I hope, creates an engaging and mesmerizing textured backdrop for the gameplay. I want the player to get lost in the game as they traverse the mazes, losing track of time and becoming immersed in the overall feel of the game.


I have not yet decided if the game will be free with ads and IAPs and the ability to pay to remove ads or if I will release the game at a set price and release a free 10 level demo of the game. Don't be worried, even if the game has IAPs, the player will be able to complete the game without purchasing them. The IAPs will be for glitches to unlock the bonus levels, which the player will be able to collect throughout the game.

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