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Big News, and Changes to LUXIS

Hello all!

I have been optimizing LUXIS for iOS and tvOS the past few weeks while I also finish the game; then yesterday, I received word that LUXIS was greenlit on Steam. While the game will still be released on Apple devices, I am going to get the game ready for Steam first. The game will be made available on PC, MAC, and Linux machines and cost between $5 and $8. I haven't settled on the price yet, but I know I want to keep the price low as not to discourage people from playing it.

If you don't know anything about the game yet, it is a labyrinth/puzzle game which uses light and color to maneuver the mazes. The game can be played casually, as the player takes his or her time to finish each maze, but each level also features time trials for the players who want to try to beat the clock. The initial release of the game will feature 40 main levels, with at least 10 more levels added in a future update. The game will also have unlockable time trials, 6 upon initial release. I am currently finishing these unlockable levels, then I will be combing through each level, polishing them and adding a bit more to the early mazes.

Early players of the game have given mostly positive feedback and I am taking this feedback (positive and negative) into consideration while I add the final polish to the game. A link to the online demo of the game is posted below, just click the image to play. I recommend using FireFox to play the game. Chrome does seem to also work well, but FireFox seems to get the best playback for the demo. Any and all feedback on the demo is appreciated. It consists of ten levels spanning the initial 40 levels you can peruse at your will; and if you are up for it, you can try to unlock 2 of the bonus time trials. Only one music track is in the demo, the final game will have much more. All you need is a mouse to play, the Steam release will feature controller support. It should take about an hour or so to finish everything in the demo.

Enjoy, and happy gaming!


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