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LUXIS is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam for $4.99 USD

You are LUXIS (Living Utilitarian Xenolux Iterative System)

LUXIS is a game of memory, reflexes, intuition, and problem solving. Get lost in the atmospheric music and glowing minimalist world, then find your way out.
Traverse the labyrinths, change your color to move through corresponding walls, solve puzzles, and avoid danger.
Search the mazes to find "Glitches" and unlock more complex labyrinths and puzzles.

Play casually or fight the clock in time trials.

All tutorials, settings, and navigation in the game are made with symbols (no language is used) so anyone from any background can learn and play.

- 40+ Levels

- Time Trials

- Medal Awards

- Atmospheric Backdrops and Sound

- Simple, easy to learn controls and navigation

- Steam Achievements and Trading Cards

- Full Controller Support

LUXIS is a simple labyrinth game that is part dungeon crawler, part puzzle, and part time trial.

Set in a sci-fi world accompanied by atmospheric sound, LUXIS offers hours of gameplay. More levels and challenges will be coming in future updates as I expand this little puzzle game.

An iOS release is currently in development.

If you have any questions about the game or wish to do a review, feel free to contact me.

You can download a zip of screenshots here.

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